An Amazin' Weekend

Potty training is going great. Nugget is avoiding accidents and really communicating with us when she has to go. Nursery school here we come. We met up with some friends to see How To Train Your Dragon at pier 46 on the west side. It was a really good time. I drove in and Ani told me to pick up chinese food at a place she had passed on the way in. So I'm there with a stroller, a huge blanket, a baby, three folding chairs, various bags of snacks, bottles and diapers, I kind of looked a weird hobo with hipster glasses. Apparently this is where every transexual prostitute gets his/her egg rolls. I'm just saying, ladies try to get a closer shave. Regardless. The movie was good, and it was nice night out.

By the way this is being written partially during a midnight baby walk. You are easy sonny boy. Closed eyes in under ten minutes.

Saturday night, I met up with the Happy Recap gang for our annual outing to watch the Mets. And since this is an odd year the Mets won. It was a great time despite the hour long rain delay and the eighth inning downpour. Its nice to see the faces of the people you interact with all the time online. Let me tell you the fried dough they serve at Citifield is as delicious as it looks.

I am really thinking about getting a tattoo. I keep seeing such great artwork on people. Maybe I'm just really thinking about it a lot.

We hit the imagination playground down near South Street, it was really fun. But I think it was made for kids a few years older than Nugget. But she and Belushi both had good times there.

One last non-sequitor. I wrote this article for Demand Studios and apparently it was totally the wrong subject. I wrote about pro-wrestler Raven and they wanted something about Magic the Gathering. Does anyone still play that? I'm going to my "How to use the Raven gimmick" article here in the next couple of days. I thought it was great.


Mike said...

Made in Guanica 12-21-74 on your belly. Do it!

Rachel wants a tattoo too. She wants Max's name and birthdate inside of a heart. I sort of want one too, but can't think of anything I want to see the rest of my life.
And remember, when you see a tattoo on someone who is young, and toned, it will look a lot different when they/you are flabby and 50. Just sayin.

Niel said...

I want something with the kids names and perhaps soemthing else.

Mike said...

You both should get matching backpieces with some sort of over the top, rendered demon skull with the words "Lud-n-Proud" clenched in its teeth.

Mike said...

Our even "Loud-n-Proud", but a typo like Lud would be funnier.

Mike said...

hehe That would be just my luck, the tattoo artist would write Lud-n-Proud