Belushi's First Mets game (Padres 3 - Mets 2)

I got an email from Ani the other day and it said we can score some free Mets tickets by “like”ing the Central Y of Queens. So after several failed trips over to the Y, we finally picked up them up and we were mere days away from Belushi’s first Mets game. Excited, I bought Belushi and Nugget new Mets shirts, and got a great bargain.

All morning Nugget was talking about going to see baseball. She was as excited as I was.

We swung by the great empanada place near the chop shops, grabbed some food and looked for parking. I took the kids up on an elevator, while Ani and Mets security brought my mom up via some top secret passage way in a wheel chair. When we finally got up to our seats the game had already started, but it was ok. We had seats in row 2 of section 402. Security had gotten my mom a seat right at the top of the section with seats next to it, so we were able to sit up there or down below. Say what you may about Citifield, I have never sat in a bad seat there. Ani sat near the top of the section with Belushi as I joined my brother and his family with Nugget at our seats.

She clapped when appropriate, and even spilled some ice on the shoes of a Padres fan sitting in front of us. Seriously what guy takes off his shoes at a ball game? Then Ani and Nugs went to get some waters, I was sitting with the little guy on my lap. Even though he probably didn’t understand what I was telling him about the simple complexities of the game. He was smiling and enjoying the day.  He clapped when I yelled at Lucas Duda, when he committed an error that was wrongly given to Rueben Tejada.

I never got a chance to go to a baseball game with my dad, or my Abuelo. Though, he took me and my brother to a local minor league game in Puerto Rico when we were little. But now I have taken both of my kids to see the Mets, it warms my heart that they were able to see their dad enjoying something so much. Seriously is their anyway better to spend an afternoon, than at the ball park?  My mom took us to our first games, so it was nice that she was their for Belushi and Baby Bacon (my nephew … I’m not sure that nickname will stick … but its funny if you are me or my brother) as they saw their first game.

We all danced for Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Ce La Luna. Were we going to see this whole game? Were the Mets going to hit two homers so we could get free mouthwash?  So, no mouth wash and we saw the whole game. Loss two of a five game losing streak (game six of the losing streak or game one of a winning streak is in progress as I finish this post.)

So Ani, my mom and the kids went through the secret passage way. And apparently the security guard Joe was really awesome with the kids. I stayed to watch the Mets feebly ground out to end the game. I should have gone through the passage with them.

We had parked kind of far from the stadium. So, I took Belushi with in the stroller to get the car and then we would come back to pick up the ladies. On our way we went through the old Shea Stadium infield. After pointing out to some other fans where the pitching rubber and the other bases were, I took him over to first base and told him this is where my favorite player of all time used to play.

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