DB Cooper

I was driving around this morning and I was listening to the Herd on ESPN radio  and Colin Cowherd that the FBI was close to finding the identity of DB Cooper. Cooper who hi-jacked a plane in 1971, and jumped out the plane with $200,000 in twenty dollar bills. He was never seen again. But apparently there is new info.

I wondered aloud why would the FBI still care to find him. It was only $200,000. He didn't hurt anyone. Is it because the FBI hasn't solved this mystery in 40 years? Is it an ego thing? Or because of this debt ceiling thing, the government needs any money they can get their hands on. I still think that the secret identity of DB Cooper is international businessman Jimmy James (James once revealed to Dave Nelson the news director of his WNYX radio station that in addition to being Cooper he was also Deepthroat).

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