F you 201

How many more days till 2012, because I am sick and tired of this year.

"So is this bottom?" Ani asks me as we are on the side of the road trying to wave cars away from our broken down 18 month old car. Really. Really.

We were driving back from a nice ride into Conneticut for some appointments Ani had. The kids played their sweet little hearts out at a playground. And first I feel a shaking. Then a weird dragging and all of a sudden I'm losing power.

Luckily I was able to get to the side of the road. I turn on my hazzards and try to push. I can't get the wheels to turn. So we take everyone out and desperatly try to not have our car smashed.

Why don't I have AAA I don't know.

So a tow truck comes and brings us to his shop . In the front of the tow truck is Nugget on Ani's lap, refering to the nudie girl on the guys key chain as a dragon. And Belushi was in his car seat on my lap. They check it out I may have a blown gasket. Whatever that means. The guy then takes me over to the Honda place around the corner and they are going to check it out ... hopefully everything is covered by my warranty.

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Mike said...

Jesus, did someone put a hex on your guys? Hope the repairs are covered under your warranty and the rest of your 2011 goes a lot more smoothly.