Face to face

Kids love books stores (and libraries), which is why there will always be a print book publishing industry. My kids are no different. So after a morning in the park splashing with some friends and some naps we headed out to our local Barnes and Nobles.

Books are really wonderful, but it feels kind of bitter seeing books you worked on sitting on the shelves. But if Slaughterhouse 5 has taught us anything (and it sure has) ... so it goes. In addition to the books I worked on that you should avoid (just kidding - but not really) I saw so many really great books for kids. I can't wait to get a few of these to read to Nugget and Belushi.

I really wish I had the opportunity to work of really cool and fun books like these two.

Weird awkward moment - we rode the elevator with this B&N employee who we went to college with and Ani was friends with but they had this huge falling out. He knew who we were, we knew who he was. But no one said anything.

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