A huge dilemma

Last night I had my fantasy football draft and as always I drafted an Oakland Raider, I took tight end Kevin Boss in the 12th round. Honestly I was going to take a Raider (Darren McFadden) with my first pick in round 2, but he was drafted right before I picked.

Why does it matter, because since I was a little kid I have loved the LA-then-Oakland Raiders. The first football game I remember watching was Super Bowl XVIII, as the Raiders defeated the Washington Redskins 38-9. I was hooked. I was also nine.


So in the subsequent years, I watched Raiders games whenever I could get one on TV. But, since I’m in New York I have watched lots of Giants and Jets football as well. The Giants are defiantly my second team. I have sat through mind boggling drafts, more down years than I care to remember and one of the most embarrassing Superbowl losses ever (to Jon Gruden’s Buccaneers). Now I have a dilemma, should let my kids follow in my footsteps and join the Raiders Nation or should I spare them a lifetime of frustration and introduce them to the Giants?

I will preface this by saying I have already made their lives difficult by making them Mets fans. The first thing I bought for my daughter the day I found out we were having a girl was a little pink Mets shirt. I insisted that my son’s 1-year-old pictures include some shots of him in a Mets shirt. They have both been to games at Citifield, my daughter made it to Shea Stadium in the last weeks it was open. At my old desk, I had a large photo of my daughter (only a few weeks old at the time) with me in front of Shea Stadium and my son (only a few weeks old at the time) with me in front of Citifield. I regret not having pictures of them with Mr.Met or Cowbell-Guy yet.They are stuck with the Mets, but should I drag them down the path of sadness that is Raiders-fandom that I chose for myself. Is that bad parenting?


Knowing myself, as soon as they start showing an interest in what Papa is watching on Sunday afternoons, I will start dressing them in silver and black. Much like I have mentioned to them in reference to the Mets, sorry about bringing you into this, but it is just who we are.

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dave said...

I think you should encourage them to be Jets fans, I'm just sayin.