With hurricane Irene baring down on the northeast there is a lot of hysteria. I am not hysterical at all because I'm pretty sure New York is not going to get the brunt of this storm, and I'm used to sitting (and drinking them) through hurricanes.

When I was a kid, my Mom brought my brother and I to Puerto Rico for the summer every year. We stayed with our Grandparents and Great Aunt. It was pretty sweet. We'd go to the beach, bike, explore and chill. And near the end of our trip inevitably a hurricane would blow through the Caribbean.

People were in panic mode but for us it meant a good time. Yes, provisions would be purchased - since the houses are really close to the water - but it never got to the point of boarding up windows or anything like that. The day of the storm we would go to the pizza place in town and order a bunch of pizzas. And head to whichever house we were all going to ride the storm out in.

We'd all sit on the porch and wait for the rain, drink Coke, eat pizza and hang out. One year my brother and I had inflated our raft, just in case the streets were flooded enough to do some rafting from one house to the other, we never got to do that. It would rain, sometimes we'd lose power. But it was never a big deal.

So it was kind of an end of summer party, hence my very cavalier attitude towards this hurricane.

Do you think Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans sells Hurricanes anymore. It was their signature drink, but seeing how a hurricane all but destroyed their city probably not anymore.

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