A night at the ball park

There are few better ways to spend a summer night than at the ballpark. So when my buddy Jeff told me he had an extra ticket to the Mets game last night, I was all on board.

Its funny how close Citifield is to home. So we made it there with time to stop at this hole in the wall for empenadas. They were great, despite only having cheese. Sadly a place like that will go away if they are able to redevelop that area behind the stadium. Alas. We grabbed a few beers and headed upstairs, lucilky we missed the first of Omar Infante's two homers.

Quick thoughts:
NL MVP to be Jose Reyes hit a homer to left field, and then hit a bomb to center that was caught.

The Marlins right fielder Matt Stanton has a gun. He threw a ball home on a fly that if it were a little down would have gunned down Angel Pagan easily.

If there were no FCC regulations, I could only imagine how Keith would be describing the Mets lack of baseball instincts. Last nights culprit Justin Turner.

Can people get off the Shake Shack line? Blue Smoke is way better, and you can't just get their food at Madison Square Park. Though a SS burger is pretty good.

This game came at the right time for me, I've been in a malaise and a fun night out was good. Thanks again Jeff.

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