One big happy family

There are a lot of advantages for living in the same building with my brothers family. Nugget, who loves babies. Wow, Disney Baby taglines don't lie. She has two babies around. And Belushi and Baby Bacon have a built in best friend and brother, and BB has a big sister to influence him walking and talking. Its nice that the cousins will be close.

But there is a drawback. When one gets sick, its inevitable that the other two will get sick as well. So my brother had some sort of stomach virus, which he passed on to BB. Who passed it on to Belushi. And after watching TV up in Ala's (Abuela) apartment, I was bring Nugget down stairs when she stopped and puked. The boys drink a lot of formula and eat soft things. She ate pizza for dinner. It was puke, like a grown up.

So after cleaning her up, I gave her some water and we are now watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

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