Potty Training breakthru

So, today was a great day in Nugget's potty training. She took a bunch of longish car rides with no accidents, and did #1 and #2 in her potty without wetting herself. I did a little dance at one point.

She is so much like her mom, I thought as she enjoyed a piece of salami on the toilet.

It was a day on the rise, one of my buddies had an extra Mets ticket for tonight. Which will be sweet. Then we had an awesome time at Pier 6. Like always. We may have scored some more free Mets tickets for next week (fingers crossed).

And after all that the sweet sound of a poop dropping into the toilet. I know its gross but what is really I would have taken a picture but this isn't that kind of blog. How is potty not in this phone's dictionary.