random thoughts

How does a child who loves the beach, sprinklers and pools hate baths so much?

Hot girls love the little guy. No really. In Ani's words "He's a stud".

It would be interesting if people didn't name their children till their first birthday. Until then, cute nicknames could be used. I think you'd know if the name you like fits, or if they look like their name. I know Nugget's name totally fits. I'm not sure if Belushi's name fits, or if he needs a more badass name.
Kind of pissed that Mc D's has ended their Smurf promotion, I wanted "Smurphy McSmuf". But alas it wasn't to be.

I can't wait to get my wheels back.

I am concerned that if their were a real natural disaster, another terrorist attack, alien or zombie invasion, no one would be able to make a call. But would be able to make a snarky comment on Facebook. Seriously I couldn't call anyone for 20 minutes or so after the earthquakeapocalypse sort of jostled the norrth east.

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