Sesame Street, Fall and Cars

After seeing that my brother was watching Sesame Street with BB, I decided that Belushi (or Thor) should watch an episode as well. He was pretty captivated by it for a while, but he very much an action child so he wanted to climb up something, so I had to go chase him.

We did see a skit with Cookie Monster making a sign reminding himself to not eat a particular cookie. He was looking at the sign that read "DON'T" and his other hand was going for the cookie. He then yells at his hand asking it if it can't read the sign that says "DON'T". I nearly lost it. I love Cookie Monster, he is so real. And he has that great voice, deep and gravelly. You can have your sweet and gentle Elmo's or Grover's, and  I'll keep the monster who showed America's youth how hard it is to struggle with addiction and your own inner demons, Cookie Monster.

In a weird way I think that Hurricane Irene washed away Summer and brought with her the beginning of a nice crisp Fall. Tonight when Belushi and I were walking I wore jogging pants, he had on a sweater and little polar bear slippers. It was pretty brisk. But the air was so nice. Its the time of year that you wear a sweat shirt to a ball game, if not a jacket. And you think about getting a hot drink at Dunkin rather than an Iced Coffee.

I really can't wait to pick up my car tomorrow. Even though I wouldn't have been driving around this weekend, and I m glad it was safely in a garage, and not under a tree like the Honda Pilot on Catalpa Ave. I just miss being able to get up and go. That is the lure of the automobile that sent people out west and built this country.

Tonight is just one of those night's where I can't sleep.

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