Staten Island ... like another state ...but not really

I decided that Camp Papa would head to Staten Island yesterday, so we can say we played in parks in all five boroughs this summer. We will head to the Bronx next week when its not raining and we have the car back.

I packed up our gear into my new Camelback back pack, and we headed for the train. I found out there is no really easy direct way to the Staten Island ferry terminal from our place, with a stroller. But eventually we made it to South Ferry, everyone was in a good mood. There was virtually no wait for the boat and we found seats by the windows.

Eventually we moved to the back of the boat to watch lower Manhattan zoom away. The ride is quick and not bumpy at all. I bet if its really windy or rainy that boat rocks like crazy. We get into the St. George Ferry Terminal. Which looks like a small airport. There was more going in that airport than in the airport in LaCrosse Wisconsin. But I digress, the views of the real boroughs of New York were amazing.

Nugget wanted Pizza, Belushi was asleep, so we went and had some pizza. I would recommend walking a block or two away from the terminal,  perhaps there is a better pizza place. I don't know. But they were nice and Nugget danced to the music as she waited for her pizza to cool down.  I had the address of a park and it was only three blocks away. Unfortunately those blocks were straight up hill. I know it took longer, but with only Belushi in the stroller, the pushing was a lot easier. The park was a park, not one of the more modern parks we have gotten used to, but by no stretch of the imagination the most decrepit. They had a really great looking sprinkler in its own gated off wet zone, come on people wet fun there ... dry fun here.

We headed back to the terminal, and controlling the stroller going down these steep hills is as hard as pushing it up. We caught the 3:30 boat and soon were back in Manhattan. We headed up to meet up with Ani and all headed home. A good day indeed.


  • Nugget did not like the "Guachos" who sing on the L train
  • This weird old lady on the boat wanted to have her picture taken with a group African American children ... the camp leader stopped that quickly
  • The SI Yankees stadium kind of looks like a small office building form the outside, but it looks really nice when you can see the field
  • The Camelback, kept me hydrated and kept the water cool all day long

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