Almost first day of school

It seems like everyone is sending their kids off to school this week. Nugget gets one more weekend of vacation before she starts nursery school next week. Its going to be a big change for her, much bigger place than the day care place she went to last year.

And a bit stricter, but we worked hard on potty training this summer ... I am pretty sure she is ready. She has been brushing up on her colors, letters, numbers and I have been trying to get her to raise her hand. She is going to be great.

Next up is teaching the little guy how to walk. I think that will be way easier, and less messy than potty trainning. I got to find a playgroup for the little guy.

While I wrote this:
Nugget starting talking about her new favorite game Hide-n-Seek
She thinks I'm a giant
She just rolled her eyes at me

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foodiechickie said...

It wasn't really daycare. Daycare they just make sure, well most do, that the kid doesn't kill themselves. Her last school though smaller all the kids were in appropriate age groups, and they had certain times to learn things, go out, eat, etc. She learned so much there.

Did Nugget really roll her eyes at you.