Aqueduck (the faucet extender not the race track) and being down with the clown

A few weeks ago Mrs. GMIBP noticed that Nugget couldn’t reach the faucet even when she stood on her stool to wash her hands, and then she found the perfect item to help. The Aqueduck faucet extender. Eventually I got around to ordering it and really quickly it had arrived at our home, way quicker than stuff I paid way more for “expedited” shipping on eBay a few weeks earlier. But I digress.

I was kind of expecting the device to be chinsy, but I was totally blown away by the very professional packaging and the high quality device. And there was a short thank you note on the invoice. Mrs. GMIBP said I was used to companies treating their customers like crap, but when one treats their customers well, it seems extra special. Well, Susanna and her people treat their customers the way they should. This is nice.

So, I took it over to the sink and all of a sudden I have this great water fall effect going. Kind of like one of those fancy Moen faucets, but looking a bit like a cartoon duck bill. So I brought Nugget over and she was able to wash her little hands without me picking her up and leaning her over the sink. Sweet.

I actually paid for this item, and this blog post is not an advertisement, but I just thought it is a cool product and I think more people should know about it.

Today me and Belushi took in a free class at Gymboree. It was fun and I hadn’t done a Gymbo class in a long long time, but they are fun. He loved bubble time and I swear he says “bubbles”. He was a bubble popping machine, especially since he was one of the more mobile kids in his class, as opposed to when we blow bubbles here and Nugget is tracking them down like Kelly Slater  playing all three outfield positions in the Bad New Bears. He seemed to like it, but I am going to try some other classes to see what he really likes. 

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