"Highlights" from the last few days

Yes in the middle of the weekend was my god mother's wake and funeral. But there were some good times spent with the kiddies and Mrs. GMIBP. Here we go.

  • Why is there no undo button on Google Chrome? I just wrote half a post and accidentally erased it.  Arghh.
  • Mrs. GMIBP is so addicted to Angry Birds I often find my iPod left in the bathroom loaded to Angry Birds: Seasons.
  • We finally took Nugget's Barbie Power Wheels Jeep thing out for a spin. She went into a fence within a minute and was done. It is a great machine and for the thrift store price we couldn’t go wrong. Though every time we have moved the thing me and the Mrs. have gotten into an argument.
  • I don't use umbrellas but I found 4 in the trunk of my car.
  • The accident call finally came in, it was minor and it was more the case of Nugget complaining and the teachers not being allowed to really help her change into spare clothes. For the record her pants were dry, her underwear was only slightly wet.
  • We met up with one of Mrs. GMIBP’s blogging friends and her family for dinner in the city. Afterwards we ended up at the Magnolia bakery, not wanting a cupcake I opted for the “Blueberry Jamboree”. Amazing. I found myself standing in form of my fridge eating it in the middle of the night. I have a sweet tooth yes, but if I had an unlimited supply of that treat, I’d be calling that number from that Wilford Brimley commercial.
  • I saw a commercial for Leinenkugel Oktoberfest beer while watching Vikings - Lions (can you believe three straight losses while leading by double digits at the half) and it has inspired me to buy some Oktoberfest beers (Belushi and I are hitting the beer distributor today!) and have an Oktoberfest themed BBQ. I am thinking of Bratwurst and Schwenbraten. I am very excited. 
  • Is it common knowledge that Crickets are good for getting rid of mosquitoes? Well we went to a pet store to get some and I was looking around and the dude who works there says to me (without me saying anything) “We are out of crickets.”
  • The best part of fall, other than football, and Oktoberfest is Sweet Potato Pie. 

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