I'm back

Last week I was really bad updating the blog and the twitter feed but it was a super hectic week. First Nugget started at her big girl nursery school and so far so good. And then we were prepping for a trip to Connecticut for Mrs. GMIBP's brothers wedding, were I was the best man and Nugget was the flower girl. So getting in front of the computer or even sitting down with my BB or iPod was close to impossible. But I am going to work on having all new content on the blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Obviously I'll post other things as needed.

Since Nugget was born weddings have always had a new meaning for me. The moment the dad hands over his sweet little girl to some scruffy nerfherder it makes me imagine her wedding day. It makes me sad, but makes me think how lucky I am to spend all this time with her and Belushi. How funny it is as she cracks up watching the Fresh Beat Band. I wonder if Mrs. GMIBP feels the same way about Belushi's future wedding day. Or is it different for mothers and sons as opposed to fathers and their daughters.

She got the chance to be the flower girl for the ceremony and she was great. So cute and didn't have any tantrums. As a reward she spent hours upon hours at the pool. Which was pretty good for me. The little guy continued charming all the ladies, but that is what he does.

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