Labor Day

"For a stay at home parent labor day is just another Monday, but with help ... And a barbecue." - unknown

This time away from the rat race (interesting choice of words right?)has really helped me focus on what is important to me and how to achieve those goals. Financially, when I am bringing in a steady stream of funds the lessons I'm teaching my self now are going to really pay off. And getting the most out of my creativity, doesn't involve going with the flow and showing up. It is about making the wave myself, taking risks and never backing down when I know I am right. Enough about that.

About a month ago we had taken Nugget, and Belushi to the long Island Children's Museum with our friend Mike and Rachel along with their son Aquaman. They all had a great time. But when we were there I saw an ad for a Dora the Explorer live show. So after a weekend of stomach viruses, then one of hurricanes and a bachelor party we finally made it to the show.

The theatre is small, so every seat was good. It was so fun. Nugget was singing and dancing while Belushi was clapping.

Here are my notes on the show:
- It pronounced JAG-WAHR (or JAG-U-WAHR when Referring to the car) not JAG-WIRE
- Dora needs to conceal her ink a little better. I'm just glad we didn't get a quick glimpse of some huge tribal tramp stamp. Sorry I'm all about details. She also wasn't wearing a bracelet.
-The dude who was playing Benny the Bull, was amazing. For me he stole the show.

Now as my leisurely walk with the little guy is almost over I look forward to a day filled with BBQ'd meats and good times with friends and family.

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