McDonalds playplace

Yes, this is one of those ranting posts. So here I go. We took Nugget and Belushi to McDonalds for a quick snack before speech therapy. I'm walking in with her and this little kid comes running out of no where and knocks her down. She was ok and the little kid runs back to her table with a bunch of other kids and a coffee clutch of mothers.

No apology or anything. I yell at the table. All I get is a dirty look and I'm sure I got cursed at in Polish. listen the kid was fine. But it's just common courtesy to apologize when your kid accidentally knocks over another kid. I apologized to a parent when Nugget grabbed the book a little girl was looking at in Barnes and Nobles yesterday, because that is thing to do.

As an aside me and Belushi went to buy beer for the Oktoberfest BBQ and there is something nice about taking your son to the beer distributor. Can't wait to try the Brooklyn Oktoberfest we bought a growler of.


Mike said...

Was it the one on Metro in Forest Hills by chance? My friend Lauren posted an interesting story about an experience that happened to her and her two boys.

foodiechickie said...

It was the one on Myrtle Avenue in Glendale. Why is that location craptastic as well?

Mike said...

Yeah my friend Lauren posted something horrible. Her son who around Max and Olivia's age was playing on the slide/tube. He came down and he had poop all over his leg and shorts. He is new to potty training so she assumed he had an accident. But the inside of his pants was clean. Someone had pooped on the slide and her son slid through it.