A weird walk

Belushi and I are taking our nightly stroll and not to quote Phil Collins but "there is something in the air tonight". Maybe the 9/11 anniversary has gotten me on edge. Perhaps everyone is on edge. Perhaps I'm overly paranoid.

There is this bizzaro Albanian or something social club down my block and they are usually open, watching soccer or some ball game. But every now and then, and tonight was one of those nights, all the shades were drawn. There were newspapers on the windows without blinds, and they had a few guys sitting outside, making sure no one goes in. I’m not saying they are up to no good. But it weird behaviour. Perhaps once a week all the bartenders strip down and put on a private show. Perhaps they are watching power points about some investment opportunities. Who knows. But tonight it felt weird to me.

Our next stop was 7-11, and I know its a Saturday night but it was really loud over there. There was this girl who I had seen earlier in the summer yelling at some dude in the park, yelling at some dude outside of 7-11. There was this guy who was muttering about moving since the Arabs are now in town. Umm the dudes who work at that 7-11 are Indian and really nice. Especially the dude with the baby daughter and the very bloodshot eyes. I feel your pain brother.

We go outside and there are fire trucks and police cars all over the place. I know I am being paranoid. The walk continues and the little guy has fallen asleep, when zooming by were two outlaw bikers. And admittedly all I know about outlaw bikers comes from the wonderful show Sons of Anarchy and documentaries on the History channel. But these guys looked like the real deal. I was kind of cool, you never see 1%ers around these parts.

We get home and as I reach for the door, the little guy wakes up. Ok we are not done. So we head back on the road again. We walk and walk, when these two nicely dressed young men want to talk to me about their fly by night church. They were really into the end of days and Revelations. I was bored so I let them talk for several blocks and turned them down nicely when they asked if I wanted to go to their Church and hear more. Nothing sinister … but just weird timing.

A few blocks later were all these drunk teens who were at some party or something that was giving away glowing bracelets.  I overheard some dude tell this girl, I know who you can never pay for a drink at a bar. Yes genius, all she needs to do is stay cute and ask an older dude to buy her a drink. TADA!

The last odd thing I saw was some church, who at 11pm was having a really rollicking band playing. It was very loud and very joyous. But isn’t it a tad late? I’m just saying.

People are out with babies and kids. Shooting off fireworks and playing late night basketball and just hanging with friends like tonight is the last night on earth.

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