So I started on one of my bucketlist items. The one about handwritten notes. I wrote to both Belushi and Nugget about what this idea is about in the first place. And then I wrote about the situation with their grandfather Babik. I think I'll scan the letters (in class of fire or flood), but the idea is to get a stack of these letters when they are ready or when they really need them.

I ordered a costume for Belushi for Halloween and I am excited about it. More on that when we get it next week. This costume is perfect. Here is a hint. He will not be Kurt Cobain or Jax Teller (both of whom he'd look awesome as).

Now that I have an iPod again we've been listening to lots of music in the car. Nugget is really into the song Jolene by Dolly Parton, she is sings along. While Belushi is really into the early songs from the Pearl Jam Twenty album. He also is digging the Lemonheads when they come up on the grunge station on Pandora.

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