On Friday Mrs. GMIBP took Nugget to see her grandfather Babik in the hospital, he's not doing very good. I was really concerned because she is very sensitive, but when she got there she asked if he was sick and suggested that the doctors, all of whom she called Dr. Tony, should give him, medicine, juice and soup.

She got all of this from watching the Doctor episode of Yo Gabba Gabba featuring Anthony Bourdain. But after seeing that episode she was able rationalize what was going on, even if she doesn't actually know the extent. It is amazing what they pick up from TV and how they can come to rational conclusions. When my mom asked if I could take her to the bank so she could go to the pharmacy to get her prescriptions, Nugget asked her if she was sick.

Note to self, be careful what you let the kids watch, because you never know what they will pick up.

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