Quick blasts

Since we had to change insurances I can no longer see my therapist. So I have had to find answers to some of my questions, fears and anxieties on my own. Despite really missing a good impartial sounding board, it's kind of interesting finding more and more about the way I think and go about doing things.

Just because many dads don't have the time or inclination to volunteer at their kids school doesn't mean you need to comment on it heavy set lady with a karate school t-shirt on. It pisses me off the double standard that we stay at home dads go through. Guess what I take out the garbage and lift heavy things and do all the "traditional" man work around the house. But I also take my kids to doctors appointments, dance class, pick up from school and yes do "door duty".  Seriously we dads are parents not just occasional babysitters .

I am so grossed out with upper Ridgewood's new raccoon issue. I saw them again attacking garbage a few blocks away. Yes they can be a little cute with their furry tails but they are just the "rats of the woods". And I wish they would just stay in the woods. A place where I'm always fire adjacent and have an ax or two nearby. I'm just saying.

Belushi and I caught a few movies this week, his reviews.

Fast 5 - we watched a chunk of this in the car on my iPod. Liked it, but had more fun playing with the knobs and levers that are all over the CRV's drivers seat. I eventually watched the rest. He enjoyed the first Oceans 11 movie as well.

Tron legacy - he fell asleep during this.
I would have just cried everytime "Sam" came on screen and said anything.

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