Do you ever feel you only have good ideas and career advice for other people. Perhaps you are too close to your own situation. I have to spend a little time everyday working on my dreams and what not. Thinking about this has made my neck really tense.

Unfortunately we never made it out to the New Parent Expo, but we spent a lot of quality time with the kids. Hopefully I'll get out to one of them one of these days.

On Friday Belushi had his first haircut. He much like his sister really enjoyed it. He sat still, while Ms. Maria masterfully did her magic. I really liked the flowing locks but he looks so sharp with his new haircut.

I am very happy for Squilky for running and finishing a 5k over the weekend. I really need to start prepping for the Warrior Dash in the Spring.

And it was pretty cool that Phunkie's comic book was launched at NYCC this past weekend. The launch party was fun but what was with the dude dressed like Link from legend of Zelda.

Belushi isn't into the home made baby food this morning. Hmmm.


foodiechickie said...

Is it a batch made today?

Mike said...

Thanks buddy. You can do it too.