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You may have noticed two new images on the side of my blog ... let me explain. the one on top is for National Novel Writing Month, which once again I will be participating in. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. I have attempted it three times before, this will be my year. I have a good story sort of plotted out. A rich vibrant world is being developed. And I'll keep you guys up to date on my progress as I march through November. It is free to sign up, and really its about 1600 words a day (which is what 3 and a half pages) for 30 days. Its fun and I encourage others to try it.

The other badge is for Parent du Jour, a blog I found through twitter. They profile a mom or a dad every day and are trying to get 365 of us. I was lucky enough to be profiled  on the same day that they ran Mrs. GMIBP's profile. The stories and people who are on the site are amazing, some are sweet and some of the people are trying to overcome such great odds. As a bonus he site is run by a Mets Fan-in-Law.


  • Why do baby boys love climbing to places they can't safely get down from?
  • Where did you kids put my blackberry?
  • If you are tired, fed and clean, why won't you go to sleep little guy?


Mike said...

I've got your answers:

1) Testosterone!
2) Check the sofa cushions
3) He's psyched about Carson Palmer coming to the Raiders.

foodiechickie said...