TIPS FOR DADS - Embrace the vomit

Guess what ... unless you are never around your child, you will be thrown or spit up upon. And guess what you are a dad ... deal with it. This afternoon after I shared a wonderful sweet waffle from Jamba Juice with Belushi ( Nugget will not eat sweets that are not fruit ... or Swedish Fish) he began to gag. So I quickly go him out of his car seat and miraculously undid his jacket so when the chunks of waffle came a flying they would be on his sweatshirt, which I could replace, not his jacket. Ohh he puked and puked.

Some hitting the pavement on 56th street, the rest landing straight on my sweatshirt. It was very gross. There was a time in my life when vomit was the grossest thing to me. I couldn't stand the smell or sounds. I would get shivers just thinking about it. But with the little guy very prone to throwing up (usually from over eating) and I take the brunt of it. If we are driving and he starts choking who do you think is taking him out of the car. That is right this guy.

So, once he was done he was in a clean shirt and jacket and I smelled like a hobo. It did help me get a seat on the subway, but it was just wafting straight up.  I took a shower when I made it home.

I was on the elevator at Nugget's speech therapist's office. Me and the little guy were going to get some Jamba Juice and the aforementioned ill fated waffle. And this weird older lady comes on the elevator. She comments that Belushi is so handsome. I know chip off the old block. But then she says something weird. "Has anyone every told you that you look like Duff from Ace of Cakes?"

"Uhmm no." Yes I'm shaggy, I'm wearing a shorts and a baggy Adidas sweatshirt and I love cake, but I'm not him. If she were younger and hotter, I might have said, actually I am Duff.

"They should because you are a spitting image." Then another lady comes on board and also comments on Belushi's striking good looks and the first lady continues "Tell me he doesn't look like Duff from Ace of Cakes."

She seemed nervous, and just said she'd never seen the show. Luckily we got to the bottom floor and I left.

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