Weekend Update

Once again this weekend was filled with ups and downs. Here we go.

My Boy Scout Troop's annual fall pancake breakfast was a success and a good time. Until I met the most immature parent ever. Thanks for souring the best day of the scout calendar. Someone needs to put a stop to this issue before it gets out of hand. Totally non-related I need to get my axes sharpened.

We had our Oktoberfest BBQ. Wow was the Brooklyn Oktoberfest beer awesome. The food was good as was the music and the company.

I couldn't find the roku remote so I downloaded the app for my iPod. it is amazing it is more responsive than the remote itself and for .99 it was a huge bargain. I used to mock the whole, there's an app for that campaign. But they were right.

Just got some breakfast at the McDs drive through. Used a instant win coupon for my sandwich and the girl didn't want to figure out how to use my debit card to pay for my coffee so she didn't charge me. Bonus.

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