I know that last week I was negligent with my blog posts but I will be better.

Last week my brother put some Christmas lights in our hallway. And it got me thinking. So I decided that I should put lights on the outside of the house. Not as a competition thing, because Nugget and Belushi seem to like the lights. So I gathered what we had here at the house and picked more lights. A lot more. But with black Friday sales they were pretty reasonable.

So yesterday morning I strung up about half of what is going up. And despite how obvious the fasteners are during the day, they are all but invisible at night. Mrs. Gmibp had gone into the city to see her dad in the hospital and took nugget with her. Later on me and the little guy went to pick them up. I turned on the lights before we left. I saw things I hated. Noted tweaks I needed to make. The little guy loved what he saw and squealed with glee. Nugget was asleep. But a few hours later she woke up and we convinced her to go check out the lights. She always points out the Christmas Houses and when she stepped outside she said "wow, it's awesome" and walked around and then said "it's amazing". I had no idea she had those expressions in her vocabulary but it made me feel so proud. And it made me rethink the tweaks. They aren't going to care if the string if lights are completely leveled. I'll post some photos after I put up the second half of the lights.

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foodiechickie said...

Seriously a wonderful reaction. You a did a great job. Thanks for doing it for all of us. I know it was a lot of work but I am glad you enjoyed it and it certainly paid off every time the kids see the lights.