The Art of Wrestling - with Colt Cabana

I have been listening to this podcast The Art of Wrestling with professional wrestler Colt Cabana for a while now and each and every Thursday Colt gets better and better. The show is Colt interviewing his friends and acquaintances he has collected in his years as an professional wrestler, mostly as an independent wrestler. Some of his guests are well known WWE wrestlers and some guys are people only the most hardcore independent wrestling fans would recognize.  I know that I was wondering how good a podcast hosted by a pro-wrestler, but he is phenomenal. He is smart, charming and so well prepared for his interviews, he is like a huge beefy Terry Gross. 

Like Terry Gross, he just lets his guests tell their stories and gently nudges them in the right direction (and they both mainly do their shows from Chicago). Even if you are not a fan of wrestling, there is something for everyone. He is just highlighting the stories and lives of people who are trying to live their dream. 

Colt, isn't big or edgy enough to be a huge "superstar" but he is so fun, charismatic and genuine that his real shot at stardom is outside of the so-called squared-circle.

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