Baby It's cold outside

If I were at an age (and cuteness level) that Belushi is I would never take off my moose hat. Seriously this is a very cute kid and the hat helps. And he had a 104 fever two days ago so keep on your hat!

This morning we are in Manhattan and I got to enjoy a committed breakfast street cart coffee and a coffee roll. And the roll was a little crunchy. Perfection. I miss that about my old commute. I don't miss the two hour (each way) trek.

We celebrated day light savings a few days early. As Nugget arrived at school exactly one hour late. We need more clocks. My laptop thought day light savings started last week. Hence the confusion this morning. But guess what we pay for that school so if she's going to be late every once and a while. Not that they said anything. The people at her school are all very sweet.

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