The Brian Lehrer Show: Motherhood and Politics - WNYC

The Brian Lehrer Show: Motherhood and Politics - WNYC

This morning I was coming home from Ikea (empty handed ... I just need a shoe rack for the kids shoes ... there are just so many of them) and The Brian Leher show was on WNYC, I was pretty locked into NPR since I couldn't stand  to hear more from Joe and Evan or Colin Cowherd about Penn State.  They did a segment about becoming a parent and if that changes your political views. Brian said he wanted to hear from dads as well as moms but the study they were discussing focused on moms.

Some of the callers had very interesting stories. And like myself they didn't see a huge shift in their values after having a kid, but saw some changes. I think a lot of the changes have to do with getting older, rather than just procreating. I think you kind of hold on to the person you were when you were young until you feel grown up, if that makes sense. So even though you don't read the Daily Worker and The Nation like you did in college, you think you are still that person. I know I did, but as I got older I realized that some of those more extreme views have softened.

Guess what I don't shop at small mom and pop shops, most of the small shops around here are cheap 99 cent stores so other than picking up emergency dish washing soap I don't shop at them. So I don't care if people shop at large box stores, those big stores hire a lot of people ... sure they don't get paid alot blah blah  (but they aren't getting jobs at 99 cent stores) ... people who work in the stores, people who drive trucks, work in the distribution centers etc. So if you want to buy a digital camera or flat screen TV at Wal-Mart God bless you. Its no worse than Best Buy or Amazon (its probably better than Amazon if you think about it).

I find myself much more tolerant of other people's points of view. Obviously not bigotted and small minded thoughts, but if you think Social Security should be privatized I may disagree with you but we can still enjoy a pumpkin spice latte together. I still think that people who disagree with others simply because they vote Democrat or Republican are stupid, but there is no reason to think people who disagree with something I agree with are ok with me.

So to re-cap ... I haven't sold out ... I've just mellowed.


foodiechickie said...

Yeah I turn my ears off when I know someone is just being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative.

Mike said...

I dunno, I've gotten more militant since Bacon was born. I want to make sure he's got a god world to grow up in.

I shop at Mom & Pop stores even more now, especially meat, bakery, fruits, etc. We get most of his stuff second hand, and I still think Walmart is worse than the other big box stores, compare the wages and conditions, it's not an opinion, it's a fact. Plus, Amazon with no brick & mortar stores has a lower impact on the environment and energy usage. Also, a large part of their "inventory" comes from smaller businesses they do business with.