Cool new park

The quest to take the kids to every awesome playground took us to the really awesome nautical themed playground in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I learned about it through the Dads Meetup group(which I never get around to meeting up with).

So Sunday morning we headed out. Parking was good, but it was really early. We walked a few blocks past the carousel and there was the jungle gym/clipper ship. Nugget was in seventh heaven yelling like a pirate and steering the wheel (and having me sing songs from Dora's Pirate Adventure). While Belushi who is gaining more and more confidence with his walking had a good time despite the lack of swings at this park.

It is right on the water and right in between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. It was a beautiful day but unfortunately we had a family thing and cut the visit short. We did see the runners from the NYC marathon zoom by. Which was pretty cool.

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