I love sports talk radio. There is something fantastic about the near insanity of sports fans. But sports talk radio has been ruined because of this Penn State scandal. I want to hear people ripping the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson for not aggressively going after Jose Reyes, instead I have to listen to stories about this disgusting pederast and the Catholic Church style cover up going on in State College PA.

I will come at this from two points of view. Firstly as a parent it is disgusting to think that anything like this is happening to a child. My kids are lucky that they have both parents in their lives, and a good support group of aunts and uncles. A lot of kids aren't that lucky, and many of them are the kind of kids that these monsters prey upon. So when you see your kid(s) let them know that you are always there for them.

Secondly as someone who is very involved in the Boy Scout program, I am very sensitive to these kinds of accusations and activities, because it reflects very badly on all of the thousands upon thousands of good people who want to be there to help kids. When people like Sandusky do this it paints all people who work with kids badly. I don't blame parents from being weary or suspicious. But it is wrong.

I spoke with one of my fellow scout leaders last week, before this thing erupted and he told me the reason he is back with the troop is the same reason I am, because he felt it was his duty to make sure the kids who came after him had the same opportunities he had as a boy in the troop. I know that is how all of our leaders , most of whom were in the troop as boys, feel.

I am sure there is no clear cut policy by the BSA about this kind of situation, but I'm sure there is a pamphlet if you discover there is an atheist or homosexual in your troop. But I know if I was discovering someone raping a kid in a shower, it was stopping immediately. The reaction of that graduate assistant is consistent with walking in on this "adult" having sex with a college age person, not with a 10-year old child. So even though he reported it, the next day, this McQueery should be fired.

Where was the rally for the ten year old kid who was raped inside the football teams facility? Right there wasn't one but there needs to be support for Joe Paterno the guy who allowed this to continue on his campus. Paterno should be fired and probably charged with being a part of this conspiracy.

My only hope is that the other inmates keep this monster Sandusky alive long enough so he can experience the fear that his victims must have felt. So he can feel the pain of being raped like his victims did. And then he can be murdered by the inmates, many of whom probably had backgrounds similar to Sandusky's victims.


Mike said...

I think you are a little off base with your asseement of Paterno and the graduate assistant. You said that if you were the graduate assistant, you would have stopped it right there. So you would walk into the shower, call 911 and physically restrain Sandusky till the cops showed up?

foodiechickie said...

If a kid is being harmed and you see it why not physically restrain the pervert and call the police?

Maybe Niel meant if he heard that happened he would have had an investigation?

Mike said...

We don't know what went through the graduate assistants mind when he saw what he saw. He was probably in shock. I think by reporting it to Joe Paterno, the GA did his part.

Often times, as in this case, these highly regarded, highly successful coaches are sheltered and protected because of all the success and money they bring in to a university. If this GA kept pressing, he probably would have ended up losing his job and sacrificing his own career.

I put myself in his position and I don't think I would be able to confronting Sandusky directly either.

Niel said...

I'm saying if I walk in and see something like that I'm not just doing a slow back away and telling someone the next day. And yes the GA did the bare minimum, and he is going to end up losing his job and he has ruined his career and reputation, so he shoudl have at least tried to stop it even if it was just verbally.

Mike said...

Yeah I guess in hindsight, it's easy to say he should have done more. But Im sure the pure shock of the moment clouded his judgement.

foodiechickie said...

I am sorry actually no I am not if I see anyone doing anything like that to a kid I am going to stop it. Whether it be my kid. A kid I care about or a stranger's kid I will stop it. The guy lost his job anyway.

Mike said...

I guess my real point is that I put more of the blame on the athletic director and the vp of finance. McQueery did right by reporting it to Paterno and Paterno did right by reporting to it to the athletic director. The AD and VP chose not to escalate and that is where the major breakdown occurred. As soon as they found out, they should have gotten together with campus police and local police and report what McQueery saw. If McQueery and Paterno decided to sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened, then it would be all on them. That's not what happened.

But with that being said, Paterno was willing to take all the praise and accolades that came with being a great leader and head coach, so now he has to take his lumps when the chips are down.

As far as intervening, I would probably have called campus police, but I am not the type of person to confront a person directly. If I see someone being murdered on the street, Im not going to ignore it, but Im sure not going to try to wrestle the murder weapon out of someones hand. I'll call 911 and let the authorities handle it, but I'm not putting myself in harms way. Rachel is more like you and would probably confront the person face to face.

foodiechickie said...
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