Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year I'm making my own cranberry sauce. So me and the little guy went and got fixins for sauce. Thanks Tyler Florence for the recipe, but if it's awesome it's "Two Guys Named Niel" brand cranberry sauce This is one of those things where I just get so psyched about. But I'm so impatient. Come on cranberries pop!

In the vein of getting overly psyched me and Belushi were watching the Raiders on the computer (like animals). But I was so fired up I went and bought him a Raiders outfit. I hope it's here for next Sunday's game.

This sauce is looking good. I wish I had some turkey to test it out on.


Mike said...

is it cranberry sauce or like a relish? Rachel's mom makes this awesome cranberry/apple relish. I never liked that jellied cranberry stuff, but that stuff Rachel's mom makes I eat by the bowl. Good stuff.

Time to get Beluschi a Tebow jersey!

Niel said...

Look for Max's Tony Romo jersey and Joe Gibbs collection sweater vest

Mike said...

Thank you for not suggesting a Vince Young jersey.

Niel said...

And a jar of Andy Reid brand mustache wax