up all night

The new NBC series Up All Night is hitting home with me so much. In  a recent episode I don't know when it aired since I watch it on Hulu on my Roku; regardless Christina Applegate's charachter had a week off and decided to change everything in the house, which freaked out stay-at-home dad Chris (Will Arnett). He made this speech about how the home and raising the baby was his identity now, and she can't just come in and change things. I turned to Mrs. GMIBP and said nothing. And she apologized.

I know the traditional gender roles are switched, but if my wife was home and I was at work and I had a week off and demanded that things changed, I'd be sleeping in the car. That's all I'm saying.  Anyway I really like the show, I think the characters are funny and real. I only wish that they would let Will Arnett do more magic. There was something else I wanted to say about  this ... but I forgot, I didn't get enough sleep last night.

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foodiechickie said...

I think the episode helped me understand things for you better. I knew since you had been forced to stay at home with the kids it would be difficult for you but I think for women whose role was traditionally stay at home and when they entered into the workforce during the WWII but were still supposed to keep the home front well I think that is still true for today for women. Yes most women don't have husbands who help at home like you do but I still like to try to help take care of things you can't get to. And yes I thought of it as helping not encroaching. This is why I apologized. I realize the episode had to do with the wife who didn't know how to enjoy her week off but I saw a parallel with our own situation.