I only have two pieces of advice that I ever give. One is exclusively for guys who are engaged. But the other one works for everyone.


I know it sounds like a bad attitude, but you'll feel better in the end. This goes both professionally and in your personal life. I remember back at work when you volunteered (or were volunteered) if what ever you did went well a higher up takes the credit. But if it goes bad that higher up is the first to throw you under the bus.

Currently we volunteer at Nugget's school. Which means baking cupcakes, and walking all around last night to find a candle. Which apparently we couldn't even use. Don't get me wrong being involved is good. But don't become the go to person.


We picked up a Snuggli brand backpack child carrier at our local consignment store. One of the best twenty bucks I ever spent.

Walking around it is like wearing my camping backpack. Except my backpack doesn't kick me. An added bonus people think Belushi is even cuter up there.


Mike said...

Snuggli backpack is awesome.

Niel said...

Its pretty awesome. I want to go hiking with the little guy one of these days.

A Daddy Blog said...

Love consignment stores for kids stuff. I did spring for a BabyBjörn Synergy, but would sure have loved to find that at $20. Enjoy your Snuggli! They are so handy, and great for the kiddos.

Mike said...

I'd be down for a hike with the boys.