Christmas pageant and other things.

Tonight was Nuggets first Christmas pageant. And it was great. Her class went fifth and they blew away the other nursery school classes. Not that they weren't cute and all, but they lacked the star power.

There was something sweet an un-edgy about the entire production which was really refreshing. A simple stage, no elaborate costumes, it was very much like something you see on a tv show. I'm glad that we all got to experience that.

Of all the classes the third grade was amazing. And let's just say that New Directions has nothing to fear with the Glee club that performed.

Seriously everyone has WiFi. Why does everyone also have a password on it. I just want to check email on my iPod touch while I wait for Chinese food. Yes if too many people are using it could harm bandwidth.

I can't believe what a scam pharmaceuticals are. I bought Mrs.Gmibp a perscription and with insurance it was nearly $90. Madness. Note to self: start phramacuetical corporation.

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