The Day I Was Santa

A few weeks back, Mrs.GMIBP told me that I was going to be Santa for Nugget's class, during their Christmas party. What could I say, I have the build. I don't know where I am on the "jolly-meter" though. So despite my mantra from a blog post earlier this month, I went out and got a costume.  It was exciting,  it was also a little scary, could I ruin Christmas for some kids.

I test ran the costume while Nugget was in school earlier this week, and totally freaked out Belushi. I noticed the costume was hot. That is why Santa lives in the North Pole, because even $70 replica's of his outfit are suitable for Arctic conditions.

The day finally came. As I drove up to school ,  I saw another Santa outside. This was going to be weird. Originally I was going to drive there in costume. But realized that would be just for my own amusement. And I couldn't drive with the beard on, and I probably would have driven the sleigh (CRV) into a wall when I would have passed out from the heat.

The school's secretary led me to the Principal's private bathroom so I could change. While I was in there she was having an important discussion with the pastor or someone from the church, so I waited until they were done because, I didn't want to startle anyone. Seriously if you are having a meeting and a Santa just appears out of now where, you'd be a bit startled. At this point I am, sweating like nobodies business. I went to the faculty lounge where Mrs. GMIBP was with the other mothers preparing the craft for the party. I had to wait another 15 minutes, so I pulled down my beard and started reading the newspaper. On a side note: What a waste of a tree is the New York Post. So it was GO, GO, GO time. My beard was on straight, the bells were attached to my boots, I was ready.

As I walked up the stairs , I was working on the voice. Loud, booming , Jolly, and not scary. I was worried that I would walk into the room and Nugget would instantly recognize me. But she got caught up in the SANTAmania (not to be confused with either  Hulkamania or Satanmania ... which is a totally different thing). The kids ran to the door and I started high-fiving kids, because what am I going to do, give firm handshakes?

I hammed it up, asking the teacher if the kids had all been good. Then we got down to business,  I gave out gifts. I asked them if they had been good, wished them a Merry Christmas. When I called out Nugget's name she politely raised her hand and came forward. I had tricked her. When she came over she was looking at me kind of odd. She seemed like she knew something was off. But couldn't put her finger on it. If you look at the picture above, she is the only one inspecting Santa instead of looking at the camera.

Once I was done, I waved, acted jolly again and headed back downstairs to get my stuff. My t-shirt was soaked through, like I had worked out for an hour. I went home changed into non-Santa gear. When we picked her up after school I didn't ask questions about the jolly old elf and she didn't divulge anything. Later when she was watching TV I heard her use the words Papa and Santa in the same sentence.

Was the jig up? I'm not sure, but she seemed to enjoy the party and it was fun. And if I called upon again next year, I will gladly do it again. But with a more comfortable beard.

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