Failure Club

The other day I saw the video for Failure Club a new show by Morgan Spurlock. And basically it is an idea of getting a support group to help you achieve your goals, especially the ones that you think that are impossible. When I first saw it, I was a bit confused ... I didn't know what I wanted to achieve. I want to become a published author.  I have a good idea, I've started doing research on how to achieve that goal and now I have to start writing. So if you want to push me ... feel free.  If you need a push ... let me know, I'm there for you. I am trying to shove someone in the right way. And I think that is going to work out.


Mike said...

That sounds like an interesting show. Ironically, I can't get any of the video clips from the link you posted to actually play. Failure club, indeed! When does the show actually start? And is it on a network or is it online only?

Niel said...

Its just on yahoo ... apparently he tried for like seven years to get it on tv