Santa Costume

Found on Craigslist under "Jolly Elf looking for Ho, Ho, Hos"

So I wrote this post about how productive I was this morning. And then some how my space bar went to crap.  I looked online how to reassign the key, and my computer didn't like that for a few hours. But now I am up and running, with a windows/spacebar. It is going to take some getting used to.

As for my morning , I donated a coat to get more April Mets tickets. And I picked up my Santa costume at Party City. I am going to do a full test run tomorrow. I'm hoping for nice kind young Santa, not Dan Akroyd in Trading Places.


Mike said...

Is it a laptop keyboard or a regular USB keyboard? I have a few spare I can bring up when I visit.

Mike said...

BTW, the way the flash is in the picture, you look like a character from Street Fighter. HADOUKEN!!!!

Niel said...

laptop keyboard unfortunatly