Why I hate co-sleeping

There are very few parenting subjects that me and Mrs.GMIBP disagree on. And I would suspect that this argument goes on across the nation. Co-sleeping is the worse!   I'm not worried about rolling on a baby, and I'm not assuming "sexy time", I just like my space.

I understand that mothers like cuddling with their babies, but guess what there is a really nice nursery that  I painted and built furniture for that goes unused.  Don't get me wrong I am fond of my kids I adore them, but I like sleeping where its slightly cold. And babies are like hot water bottles.

Parenting magazines and Mommy blogs are all for it.  But read dad blogs all I see is frustrated acceptance. Though people never talk about it, the dark secret of parents  I'm all for falling asleep on the sofa together, but that is cozy time  I just like it

 When Nugget climbs into the bed also (of course Belushi is already there), I can go sleep on the sofa.  It is a pretty nice sofa.


Mike said...

I'm with you. Bacon sleeps in his crib, but sometimes when he wakes too early or particularly wet, it's easier to get him back asleep in our bed.

In my ideal world, once he's snoring again, he needs to go back to the crib.

In addition to the temperature thing, I worry about him waking before me and taking a dive off the bed. Which has happened. Luckily, he's super hardy. But guess who doesn't sleep well because he worries at every movement?

Mike said...

I don't know how you do it on a regular basis. When we visit my Mom, me, Rachel and and Max all sleep in the same bed and it's horrible. For the smallest person in the bed, Max sure does take up a lot of room. And his feet and elbows always seem to find their way into my back or ribs. I'm glad it's not something Max wants to do at home because I couldn't deal with in as a nightly routine.

foodiechickie said...

Just to put some more information out there. O has been sleeping on her own since we moved. She prefers the couch to her bed. I wonder if she wants her crib back at times. She only occasionally comes into bed with us. Bad dream or sees the baby not in his crib when she wakes up looking for us. The baby was sleeping in his crib and I can't for the life of me remember why he ended up in our bed. But since he has become used to it and now won't go back. And yes he takes up the entire bed.