Awesome long weekend

There was a point on Saturday afternoon , where my wife said wow this is such a nice weekend. And I couldn't agree with her more. At that point we had only taken Nugget to dance class, we hit a book store and now were enjoying Panera. It was really nice. Not too much running around, just enjoying a nice slow day.  Sure we went to Target , but what would a Saturday be without a Target run? Luckily Nugget was a sleep , so I stayed in the car and listened to sports talk radio in anticipation for the NFL playoff games. We got home I watched all of Saints- 49ers. What a game.

I had seen a sign for a pancake breakfast at a local church, and being a pancake breakfast enthusiast I decided we should go, see how a customer at one of these things lives. Wow, those Kiwanas from  St. Pancreas were so efficient. I know that the troop could learn a lot from them. I hope we can incorporate some of their really excellently executed fundraiser into our next one. At this point, Nugget is talking about Ice Skating. "Ice skating ... I hate ice skating." Mrs.GMIBP had promised her that we'd go skating. She didn't mention that she won't skate. A lesson I learned several years ago on Valentine's day at Rockerfeller Plaza. So we drive over, and I 'll remind those who were not in Queens NY on Sunday ... it was bone cold. By the time we arrived, open skate wasn't for nearly and hour and the kids were very much asleep.  We decided that we may come back later and would go visit Babik in the hospital (or his office as Nugget says). The visit was nice, sad and short. Then we were heading home when the request for dinosaur bones came from the back of the car. I looked at the clock, still many hours before the Giants kicked off, so we headed up town to the American Natural History Museum.

We went straight up to the fourth floor to see "Dinosaur Rex" and the other dinosaurs. A few months back we went to the museum and there was no real reaction to the bones, by Nugget. But she was so engaged it was really cool. I can't wait till Belushi can enjoy it as much. We were all getting tired and cranky , so we never made it to the Whale room, but the museum isn't going anywhere,so we'll be back. Made it back home to see the end of the first quarter of the Giants. And what a game that was.

That's right I'm rockin' a Canucks jersey
So Monday comes and we go skating. I don't like skating, it hurts my back and feet. My knees felt good. I know how picky my daughter can be. But I'm a good dad, so I handed over the non-refundable money and we got our skates. Soon we were out on the ice, it was very slippery and I'm not a strong skater. It was slow and there was falling. We skated for a while, then they had to re-ice the surface. Nugget couldn't wait to get back on the ice. Once they re-opened we went out it was much more slippery. Its not something I want to do all the time , but if we go again  she'll gain more confidence and we'll be able to move away from the boards a little bit.

I didn't fall , but some other dudes fell and it sounded so bad, the guy slammed into the boards. He couldn't stop himself. The ice guards, just kept chatting up the ladies in the jeggings.

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