Job Fair and minor league hockey

Last night I went to a job fair. And I never felt more over qualified or old as I did tonight. Usually my resume gets looked at and my impressive former employers don't get a second mention but tonight people were impressed. Which is nice.

I'm pretty glad they sold Guinness there.

The game was being played in a very small arena in Bridgeport Conneticut. And as I originally typed this they were inflating a gigantic tiger head. Weird.

Another thing about this job fair ... there were some real weirdos there. Especially the dude who was a college student  ( so he was born 1990-1993ish) and was talking about Pat Faloon being a huge bust for the San Jose Sharks, and who they could have had in the 1992 entry draft. Oh yeah this guy also had these huge mutton chop side burns.

It was bizzare to see how many hardcore fans the Bridgeport Soundtigers have. They are a farm team for the New York Islanders, who to my knowledge have no hardcore fans.

Well there was a fight and some really nasty hitting. So I didn't feel bad leaving early.

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