Apparently there is a way that a 17-month old child touches an iPod touch that clears the screen and the "brilliant" post that his father wrote on it. So this is an attempt to recreate that post. Seriously why isn't there an undo function?

My daughter had her name from the moment we knew we were having a girl. My wife knew what her name was going to be from a time long before she met me. Had she been a boy, most likely he would have been named after me like our son is.

When we had our son we had lots of names floating around. Even on the way to the hospital we were still undecided. I was open to other boys names, but in the end he felt like his name was the right one. Though sometimes it is a bit weird and confusing hearing my name being called. Honestly I assumed that he would have picked up a nickname or we would have stuck with first name middle name. But he responds to his name and Nugget can pronounce it. So it's all good.

Random list: (girls names I considered. I don't know how on board the Mrs would have been)

- Kara (yes after Starbuck from BSG)
- Chloe (after the Mother Love Bone song from the Singles soundtrack)
- Jolene (I loved the song, who knew it would be Nugget's favorite song as well)

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