The Office

This week is the three year anniversary of one of the biggest layoffs I have ever been in the building for. I survived those but a lot of good people didn't. But it made me think about things I miss about office life.

CASUAL GAMBLING: Superbowl boxes, Oscar pools, final four brackets and even betting on if meetings are going to be cancelled (or delayed). My kids hate gambling.

FREE STUFF: Unlimited free coffee. Come on do you know how expensive feeding my drinking habit is at Dunkin or 7-11. I know I can brew my own. But that is for suckers.

FREE STUF 2: Think of all the shipping materials and free copies you enjoy in an office. 25 cents a copy WTF!

In edition to those perks there are sites I just don't get to anymore. Yes I have time but checking out Pop Candy or the Distorted View podcast just aren't in my daily routine. Sorry Whitney and Tim.

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