birthday extravaganza

Several months ago we decided that we couldn't afford a fancy "catered" party for Nugget's birthday. So instead she got a weekend of awesome (which is Belushi's favorite new word). It started out with a trip to Bounce U  for some fun with inflatables. We met up with Baby Bacon and company and had a really fun time. I will say this as a word of warning, while on a long inflatable slide, don't try to slow yourself down with your bare elbows. The stinging is so intense, it hurts days and days later.

So in anticipation of the party at the house, I took the kids to the newly re-opened Carousel at Forest Park. They did such a wonderful job restoring it, kids and adults will spend many summer days enjoying it. Once we were done getting out of the way while last minute cleaning was going on we returned for a nice mellow party with our close friends and their kids. The kids ages 4-1ish frolicked in the back yard (on the freshly trimmed grass) and turned our living room into thunderdome. But it was so worth it. Nugget seemed so happy. They both fell asleep early, me and the little lady watched Captain America (so some pieces of The Avengers would make more sense) and Thor (since the Mrs. has a crush on the actor who plays Loki). It was nice.

So Sunday came, Nugget's actual birthday, and we took her and two of her buddies from dance class out bowling at Brooklyn Bowl. It was fun, but we probably could have used to skip the second game. The girls were running out of steam. It was still early and we weren't expected at Mem and Babik's till after four so we head to Pier 6 to enjoy the first weekend of the Water Works for the season. Its my favorite park and I got the most amazing parking spot any one has ever gotten. Then it was off for delicious ribs,chicken and cake. We eventually headed back home where we were ready for round two of cake. Its ironic Nugget will not eat cake; not the strawberry donut bite skewers we made for her class, not the sheet cake I got for the party, nor the cupcakes at the bowling alley nor the two cakes on her actual birthday.

With it being Memorial Day, I marched in the parade, while Mrs.GMIBADPARENTING set up a play date at Pier 6. It was insanely crowded there. I'm sure there were no children at any toy store in a ten to twenty mile radius. It was so super hot out it felt nice getting my feet wet. I got some advice from another dad on a really good waterproof iphone holder. We hit the world famous House of Pizza and Calzone. And called it a weekend, all in all a pretty awesome birthday celebration.

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