The bookstore

Our love of books has been passed along to both of our kids. We take them to story time at the library or to the local Barnes and Nobles to browse. Honestly I don't care what book they pick up to flip threw, it's the act of interacting with books that is important.

So we were at BN, nugget is checking out some Sesame Street pop-ups when this little boy and his family come by. He starts looking at a Angry Birds Shapes book. As a side note bravo to whoever was able to crank out that book with such nice art so fast. My old place is still working on an "only in kenya" board book.

Sorry ... do you remember how awesome this early internet meme was?

So the dad scolds him saying that that book is too fun and not educational enough. I'm all for education but books should be a little fun. You don't have to buy the book, but let the kid look at it. I'm sure it's a terrible book, but reading for pleasure is not a waste of time.

Kids who read for pleasure are opening up worlds of new adventures. Those who only read what is assigned become boring automatons. But I'd rather my kids read for pleasure in addition to what is required, so they grow to be well rounded people.

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