I yelled at someone at the kids museum today

I had taken the kids to the Brooklyn Children's Museum, since it was a free admission day( once a month on a Thursday). They love it there. We got to explore a new section and then I yelled at someone.

We were in Tot Town and heard an announcement that the water portion would be closing soon, so we headed over there and I rolled up the kids sleeves, put on some plastic smocks and let them at it. It gets a bit heated in there with all the splashing so I was keeping my eyes opened.

There were a bunch of little boys who were not splashing too much, there was this little girl who was afraid of the play sand, my kids and this little boy who was hoarding the toy sharks. He would grab a shark or whale whenever another kid had one. His mother would scold him lightly and give the toy back to he other kid. Eventually the little boy would go for it again.

Nugget was playing near him and she had a toy squid in her hand and he went to grab it. She is a tough little cookie, and she was not letting it go. He wrestled her to the ground. I rush over to make sure she was ok. Which she was. The mother says sorry and I just went off. Telling her that sorry wasn't enough that she had to keep her kid under control. I was very angry because when my kids are out of control they know they are not supposed to touch other kids. And if they do there are consequences. I don't think this lady was doing that. Notice I yelled at the parent, because their kid is only acting this way because the parent allows it.

I don't know her situation. Maybe she is a single parent (well my mom raised us alone and me and my brother would never act like that). Could the kid have emotional problems, I don't know. But if your kid can't control himself near others he needs to be reigned in. I'm just saying. A few minutes later he was hoarding all the dinosaurs as well.

As this is happening, the dad of the little girl who was afraid of sand turns to his wife and said lets get out of here before this gets ugly. But it never did, I didn't curse or get too "Tony Soprano"-esque. Which is a good thing. I'm making a concerted effort to not curse as much, driving has been a struggle. Not because I think I'm such a great driver but because every other driver is dumb and deserves to be punished.

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