After school today we were coloring and Nugget insisted that I draw the family. I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination but it came out nicely. If you pan out we are watching Spiderman and His Amazing Friends on Netflix.

I didn't get a chance to post this weekend but it was pretty amazing. One of the tags on my Free Comic Book Day post was "bonding" and the day totally paid off in the bonding area. I took Nugget to FCBD at our local comic book store, we went for free comics ( they had everything which was awesome) and the kids costume contest. So she broke out the her Firestar costume. It wasn't even a contest as the people taking the pictures said "I think we have a winner". And a few hours later we saw on facebook that she won. At that same store there was a autograph signing by former WWF tag team champions Demolition. And waiting on that line was one of my oldest friends, who I hadn't seen in over twenty years. He was there with his step-son. It was weird but it was nice. We are going to try to hang out again.

After trying in vein to avoid the NY Bike Tour on Sunday we hit the "beach park" at DUMBO with some friends and their kids. Afterwards we ate at this yummy Middle Eastern restaurant. A good day.

So, after school on Monday, I brought Nugget to claim her prize. In addition to the gift card they gave her a Firestar figure. Which was cool, then she picked out this really nice Green Goblin figure. What four-year-old does that?

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Mike said...

That wig is awesome. Now she can go as Angie Everhart for Halloween ;-).