The Ancient Playground and Metropolitan museum of art

When we started our quest to try out the top playgrounds I was really excited about the Ancient Playground in Central Park. Wow was I disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful. And it's all that is advertised but for a parent with two kids it's a nightmare.

It is the perfect park for a kid who needs little or no supervision at the park. Nugget for the most part is there, but Belushi needs supervision and there are places he can get into there where I can't reach him. It doesn't have ample swings and there is no shade. But as we sat there enjoying snow cones. I remember going there while on high school field trip to the museum. My group hung out there then went to a little diner around the corner after we blew through the activity in the museum.

But I digress. It was very hot and we went inside the museum and found their library. There was a story time in an hour or so. We looked around I showed the kids some of my favorite things there, like the Egyptian room. Then we made our way back to the library where we sat through a really great story time about colors. Nugget was really into it. So overall the museum was a hit and the ancient playground was snowcone adjacent. Not a total miss I guess.

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